Agricultural properties

After the changes in law in 2016, trade in agricultural properties has become difficult but not impossible. We will assist you in resolving legal issues related to agricultural real estate, in particular problems regarding trade in agricultural properties.


Our Law Firm provides services to individual farmers, producer groups, entrepreneurs engaged in agricultural activities conducted in the form of companies, and entities not engaged in agricultural activities but owning agricultural properties, including investors and real estate developers.


We offer you our assistance:


  • in proceedings concerning subdivision or consolidation of agricultural properties,
  • in proceedings aiming at regulating the legal status of agricultural properties
  • with the reclassification of land as non-agricultural land
  • at every stage of sale of agricultural properties or of sale of companies owning agricultural properties, including in particular the stage of verification of the property legal status, drafting and negotiating terms of any required contracts and agreements, including contracts for the sale of agricultural properties
  • if necessary, we can also assist in developing a concept for external financing of the purchase of agricultural properties and drafting proper documents, including security documents
  • with legal issues related to the lease of agricultural properties, including negotiations of terms of such agreements and settlement of mutual performances, including expenditure made on the property
  • with compensation for expropriation of property for the construction of public roads
  • with issues related to transmission equipment located on the property, in particular related to the establishment of transmission easement, removal or change of location of transmission equipment or compensation for non- contractual use of agricultural property

We have experience in representing entities before the Agricultural Market Agency, Agency for Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture, Agricultural Property Agency and Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, also with regard to obtaining consents to purchase agricultural properties.


As part of our services, on numerous occasions we have also provided advice to heirs of former owners of agricultural properties expropriated under various decrees. We managed to bring proceedings concerning the recovery of properties or compensation for lost properties to a positive conclusion.

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