22 września 2021

Spatial development plan change

Is your plot not included in the local spatial development plan? Does the local zoning plan hinder your investment? How to bring the investment to an end?...

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7 September 2021

Amendment to the RES Act - what is the future of green energy?

Poland ranks fourth in terms of increasing the installed PV capacity in the European Union and is gradually approaching the top ten in the world. Therefore,...

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6 September 2021

Our team in Poland Business Run

On Sunday, 4 September 2021, we once again took part in Poland Business Run, a virtual nationwide relay, competing against over 4,300 teams from all over...

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3 September 2021

Developer Act training

On 31 August, the last Monday of these summer holidays, in Sopot, a truly holiday location, three of our team members, Jacek Łubecki, Magdalena Mazur and...

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2 September 2021

Transforming a limited partnership into a limited liability company

Do you have a limited partnership, but you have been feeling uneasy about it for several months? Do you feel unsafe in the partnership? Are you bothered by...

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1 September 2021

Large entrepreneur and new payment deadlines

Are you struggling with the problem of unpaid receivables? The act on counteracting excessive delays in commercial transactions is going to prevent payment...

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23 August 2021

We have conducted a downstream merger

In August 2021, we completed a merger of two companies based in Poland, operating in the industrial filters industry. The companies belong to an...

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19 August 2021

Purchase of agricultural land and the obligations of the buyer

How to become an owner of agricultural real estate? What obligations must a buyer of agricultural land fulfil? How to understand the term "agricultural...

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5 August 2021

We advised on the sale of a student hall

We are happy to announce that our team of lawyers led by Agata Pawlak-Jaszczak with her colleagues Przemysław Musioł and Adrianna Janicka advised Probuild...

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27 July 2021

Training session 30 July

On 30 July the whole team of our Law Firm is going to participate in a training conducted by Adam Sornek (advocate, coach, author of the blog “Toga...

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28 June 2021

Price in M&A transactions

Invalidity of price provisions in a contract may invalidate the entire M&A transaction. What does Polish law say about the price? Why is the method and...

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8 June 2021

How to sell a company so as not to regret it later?

What does the process of selling a company look or can look like? What makes a transaction successful or not? In our latest blog post, we are taking a...

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13 May 2021

Share deal vs. asset deal

Share deal and asset deal are the two basic models of M&A ( Mergers and Acquisitions). How do they differ? Check our blog to find information on the...

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26 April 2021

Settlement on an agricultural plot

What is the difference between a settlement plot and a construction plot? Who can build a house under the conditions of settlement development? Can every...

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19 April 2021

“Reps" in sale agreements – three consequences of breach

Representations and warranties, or reps and warranties are an important and often extensive element of agreements for the sale of shares in limited...

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6 April 2021

Transforming a civil law partnership into a limited liability company

When starting a business in the form of a partnership, entrepreneurs often begin with a civil law partnership. It is an attractive option due to low...

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1 April 2021

Agricultural land lease agreement for a solar farm

Photovoltaic installations are an opportunity for land owners who look for reliable and stable income from land lease. Are you planning to lease land for a...

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30 March 2021

KOWR consent to the sale and purchase of agricultural land

Do you want to buy agricultural land but do not have the status of a farmer? Do you want to sell agricultural land within 5 years from its purchase? You...

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25 March 2021

ABC of Transactions: Transactions during the pandemic – force majeure, MAC and withdrawal clause

How has the pandemic changed the approach to transactions? In today’s text we are describing our experiences in that matter. We discuss force majeure,...

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22 March 2021

IT investment contract: what it should contain

Are you planning to sell your company or start-up, or perhaps you have already found an investor and are about to complete a transaction? You would rather...

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22 March 2021

Building a solar farm on agricultural land

Photovoltaic installations are slowly becoming an interesting investment not only for farmers looking for an additional source of income but also investors...

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16 March 2021

New Property Development Act

The draft act on the protection of the rights of the buyer of a flat or single-family house and on the Development Guarantee Fund, i.e. of the so-called...

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3 March 2021

Maximum contractual penalty "for delay"

Is it necessary to indicate the maximum contractual penalty "for delay" in construction works contracts? This legal issue was presented to the Supreme Court...

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23 February 2021

IP BOX relief: Problems with upgrades and updates

Check out our series of articles on  qualifying for and settling the IP BOX relief. This time we are going to look at problems related to software...

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16 February 2021

Warehouse lease agreement - what to remember

During the coronavirus pandemic, the greatest challenge for many industries is to secure the supply chain and often also to maintain high inventory levels....

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12 February 2021

IP BOX relief

Do not miss our series of articles about major challenges related to implementing and obtaining the IP BOX relief. For years, we have been carrying out very...

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21 January 2021

Real estate company

On 30 September 2020, a government bill amending the Income Tax Acts was submitted to the Polish Sejm. The bill introduces a new type of company, called a...

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11 January 2021

Assignment of development agreement

Concluding an assignment contract can be a financially advantageous transaction for the seller, and an attractive option for the purchaser. Assignment of...

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15 December 2020

Going from sole proprietorship into a limited liability company

Are you a sole trader? Do you want to change your business structure into a one that is safer and gives a sense of stability? Are you considering a limited...

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7 December 2020

Liability of limited liability company shareholders

A limited liability company is an attractive option for entrepreneurs, making it possible to limit the liability of a shareholder according to the rule that...

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1 December 2020

New Tax for limited partnerships

The President of the Republic of Poland has signed a legal act under which limited partnerships will be obliged to pay corporate income tax from 2021. What...

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24 November 2020

Changes in time limits on debts

In the nearest future we might expect changes in case-law and legislation concerning summons to an attempt at amicable settlement. After these changes...

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27 Oktober 2020

Changing the status of agricultural land

It is increasingly popular to purchase agricultural land for investment purposes. Will it always be possible to ccarry out the planned construction...

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19 Oktober 2020

Real property company

On 30 September 2020, a government bill amending the Income Tax Acts was submitted to the Polish Sejm. The bill introduces a new type of company, called a...

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15 September 2020

Amendment to the construction law

A new construction law will come into force on 19 September. Its primary aim is to simplify and accelerate the investment and construction process and...

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8 September 2020

Poland Business Run 2020

We have taken part in this year's Poland Business Run 2020. The representation of our Law Firm once more gave it their all. Congratulations to all the...

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7 September 2020

When does changing your company's address require changing the registered office?

It happens quite often that a company needs to move their office to a new location under a different address, which may involve changing the registered...

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20 August 2020

Coronavirus and dates in a development agreement

How does force majeure affect the completion date, transfer of ownership of the property and other dates in a development agreement? When can a developer...

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11 August 2020

What to consider when buying a property?

“We’re buying a property!” – this is how clients usually start a conversation about their dream plot of land in Masuria, an abode in...

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27 July 2020

Withdrawing from the developer contract during the pandemic

Can a purchaser under a development contract or a buyer under a preliminary contract withdraw from the contract citing the corona virus pandemic and force...

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15 June 2020

Change in the procedure for selling agricultural land

The new provisions of the act on shaping the agricultural system came into force on 12 June, changing the procedure for obtaining permission to sell...

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9 June 2020

Will planning permissions soon expire?

Work is underway to introduce an amendment to the act on spatial planning and development, which will eliminate planning permissions (the...

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28 May 2020

Building a production plant for Polipak sp. z o. o

We have been successful in winning a tender for the construction of a new production plant with a total area of over 20,000 m2 in Środa Wielkopolska....

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20 April 2020

Concluding and terminating contracts during the pandemic

Are we doing the right thing to give up legal actions, such as concluding, modifying and terminating contracts, during the pandemic? How to do it properly?...

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10 April 2020

Happy and Peaceful Easter

As we will all #stayathome this Easter, we hope that this special time brings you the best health and lot of patience and peace that we all need so much...

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7 April 2020

Provisions concerning contractual penalties

A personal list of the most common errors and irregularities in making provisions concerning contractual penalties prepared by our attorney-at-law Jacek...

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31 March 2020

Online training for PZFD

Our first training in the "new" reality took place on Monday in the form of a live stream. The talk on the impact of coronavirus on development agreements...

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21 March 2020

Commercial contracts at the time of coronavirus

Is coronavirus a case of force majeure? How does force majeure affect the liability of the parties to a contract? Does force majeure release you from the...

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17 March 2020

No penalty for failure to pay

The Supreme Court confirms: construction contractors will not be paid a contractual penalty for withdrawing from the contract due to the investor’s...

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13 March 2020

Home office from 29.03.2020

Our daily work is based on maintaining relationships, which requires direct contact with our Clients and Partners. However, as we witness the coronavirus...

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3 March 2020

Changes in company law

On 1 March 2020, a number of provisions regulating conversion and mergers in the Code of Commercial Companies were changed. The changes are aimed at...

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26 February 2020

Second training for the Polish Association of Developers

As part of our cooperation with the Poznań branch of the Polish Association of Developers (PZF), we have had another opportunity to conduct training for its...

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17 February 2020

Training for the PZFD: Contractual penalties

Our lawyers are going to conduct another training for members of the Poznań branch of the Polish Association of Developers. The next training on 25 February...

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30 December 2019

Winding up a limited liability company (sp z. o.o.)

Check our last blog entry this year. Our lawyer Franciszek Horała has prepared a detailed description of the process of winding up a limited liability...

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9 December 2019

Developer's responsibility in relations with the client

We have taken part in another conference dedicated to the development industry. This time our lawyers Magdalena Mila and Jacek Łubecki discussed how to...

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28 November 2019

Purchase of real estate and change of its status

We are pleased to announce that we have finalised a transaction of purchasing an investment property near Poznań. The property was acquired by our client...

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26 November 2019

Agricultural real estate – selected restrictions on trade

What is an agricultural property? Who can buy it? Who has the right of pre-emption? Find more about the selected restrictions on trade in agricultural real...

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21 November 2019

No contractual penalties for withdrawal for contractors

According to the resolution passed yesterday by the Supreme Court, if the contractor withdraws from the contract due to late payments of the investor, the...

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31 October 2019

Option clauses

Using optional clauses in transactions, including the relations between partners of commercial companies, has recently gained in popularity. What are option...

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Development agreement – training session

Development agreement – training session

Last Thursday (24 October 2019), in cooperation with the Poznań branch of the Polish Association of Developers (PZFD), our legal adviser Jacek Łubecki and...

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17 October 2019

Training session for members of Polish Association of Developers

Join us for the training session "Development agreement – practical lawyers’ perspective” organized by the Poznań branch of the Polish...

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14 October 2019

Power of attorney - special or general?

Should a company power of attorney be special, i.e. given to conclude a specific contract, or general, to represent the company in all contracts of a...

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3 October 2019

How to effectively stipulate contractual penalties in construction works contracts

On 1 October in Hotel Westin Warsaw, our speakers – Magdalena Mila and Jacek Łubecki – conducted a training workshop on effective stipulation of...

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1 October 2019

“Las” – student hall in Wrocław

We are proud to announce that today saw the opening of the LAS student hall at Prusa 9 in Wrocław, an innovative, high-standard project of a private hall of...

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27 September 2019

From entrepreneur to limited partnership

Are you a sole trader and consider changing your business structure into a limited partnership? Read our blog entry to learn more.   Skip...

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20 September 2019

Sale of shares of a packaging and household goods company

We are pleased to announce that in September 2019 we successfully completed the process of selling shares of a limited liability company operating in the...

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16 September 2019

Conference for the construction industry

We would like to invite you to the conference “Risk management in construction investment in view of of the new legal order”, which will take...

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11 September 2019

How to settle up with a partner leaving the company?

When running a company, it often turns out that partners have different visions of how their enterprise should function and they may understand mutual...

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10 September 2019

Poznań Business Run 2019

Last Sunday, 8 September 2019, the team representing our Firm once again took part in the Poznań Business Run 2019 charity relay. The team consisting of...

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26 September 2019

Videoconference in limited liability company from 3 September

Starting from 3 September 2019, it will possible to hold shareholder meetings in a limited liability company in the form of a videoconference. What legal...

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21 August 2019

Taxation of a simple joint-stock company

After 1 March 2020, entrepreneurs will be able to choose a new type of company - a simple joint-stock company (PSA for short) when deciding on the form of...

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7 August 2019

Simple joint-stock company – pros and cons

It has been confirmed that after 1 March 2020 while choosing or changing the form of business we will have a new type of company at our disposal: a simple...

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15 July 2019

Equity interest in a limited partnership

What is equity and how can you regulate its management in a limited partnership? Check the blog entry by our legal adviser, Przemysław Musioł.  ...

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11 July 2019

How to stipulate a contractual penalty?

Seeking compensation regulated by the general provisions of the Civil Code is usually time-consuming and may involve difficulties in producing evidence....

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1 July 2019

PSA coming soon

Will it be possible to establish a simplified joint-stock company already on 1 March 2020? On 13 June the Polish Sejm adopted an amendment to the Commercial...

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24 June 2019

Investing in historic property – obligations and penalties

What are the obligations for those investing in a historic property and what can be the cost of failing to meet them? Check the entry on our blog....

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24 June 2019

Sale of commercial properties

We are pleased to announce that we have completed the sale of two commercial properties located in Poznań, intended for multi-family housing development....

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18 June 2019

Access to a property vs. access to a public road

Verifying the access to a public road is a part of an examination of the legal status of property. It is a very important element of a planned transaction...

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10 June 2019

Ekiden 2019

Last Sunday at Lake Malta in Poznań, our representation once again took part in the Ekiden Relay Marathon. This year we have finished the race with a time...

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4 June 2019

Another training completed

On May 31 together with Szuszczyński Kamińska HR Law Firm we conducted a training called "Corporate, tax and employee aspects of employing management board...

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27 May 2019

Changing the use of an existing building

Once the legal use of the building has been determined, does it mean we cannot use it in any other way than originally intended or are we free to change its...

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15 May 2019

Changing a limited partnership articles of association and applying Article 210 § 1 of the CCC

If a limited liability company which is a partner in a limited partnership changes its articles of association, should it be represented by its management...

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23 April 2019

Simplified joint-stock company outside the stock market

Today on out blog we continue to discuss simplified joint-stock companies (prosta spółka akcyjna, PSA) . Why did the project provider decide to limit...

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15 April 2019

Effective stipulation of contractual penalties

Last Thursday at the Mercure Warszawa Grand hotel our lawyers conducted another training for the construction industry. Magdalena Mila i Jacek Łubecki spoke...

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11 April 2019

Profit distribution in a limited partnership

Do not miss the latest article on our blog. Our attorney-at-law Przemysław Musioł explains how to regulate profit distribution among partners of a limited...

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25 March 2019

The obligation to provide project documentation

Check our latest blog entry. Today we are discussing the investor’s obligation to provide project documentation.     Skip to blog

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15 March 2019

IT company sold

We are pleased to announce that in March 2019 we successfully completed the process of selling all shares of a limited liability company operating in the IT...

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11 March 2019

Partners’ corporate rights

Check our latest blog entry on corporate (non-property) rights of the partners in a limited partnership. How can partners of limited partnerships protect...

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4 March 2019

Eliminating risks in construction work agreements

We invite you to the “Eliminating risks in construction work agreements” conference, which will take place in the Westin Hotel in Warsaw on...

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11 February 2019

Reservation contract and its fiscal consequences

Reservation fee – advance payment, down payment, earnest money, instalment or deposit? What is a reservation fee all about? Check our blog.  ...

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4 February 2019

Shareholders meeting in a limited liability company by video conference

On 16 January 2019, a draft amendment to the Code of Commercial Companies, introducing the possibility of holding a shareholders' meeting in a limited...

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28 January 2019

Preliminary agreement “instead of” property development agreement

Is it possible under the current law for a developer to conclude a preliminary agreement "instead of" a development agreement and thus avoid the need to...

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24 January 2019

Another article in the ABC of Transactions series on our blog

Conducting a transaction in a way that does not take into account the existing limitations may significantly affect the parties involved. Depending on what...

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14 January 2019

Streamlined procedures for companies starting 1 March

On 1 March 2019, entrepreneurs operating as a company will face a small positive revolution . The changes that are going to be introduced in the Civil Code...

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7 January 2019

Housing rental subsidy

Another government housing programme “Flat for Start” (“Mieszkanie na Start"), which is to help cover the cost of renting a flat, was...

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18 December 2018

Concluding a partnership agreement

Read the new entries on limited partnerships. How to conclude a company agreement and regulate the position of limited partners? Answers to these questions...

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14 December 2018

Selling a rented property –VAT or tax on civil law transactions

The Ministry of Finance has published tax explanations that decide what requirements must be met for the sale transaction of a rented real estate to be...

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5 December 2018

The Property Development Act to be changed

The end of open trust accounts, Property Development Act applying to the sale of finished premises – these are some of the changes proposed in the new...

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5 December 2018

Before signing an operating agreement

What issues should a limited partner or general partner consider before signing an operating agreement? Is it beneficial to sign a preliminary agreement?...

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23 November 2018

Projekt Inwestor platform

We are happy to inform that we have began cooperation with the Projekt Inwestor platform which engages in gathering and creating data on new investments. It...

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22 November 2018

Why should a buyer commission a due diligence investigation?

When and why should a buyer conduct due diligence of a company or property? How important is due diligence for a buyer? Visit our blog!   Skip...

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8 November 2018

Partners in a limited partnership

For more than twelve years, we have observed a growing interest in a limited partnership, a legal form which for many of our clients proved to be the best...

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6 November 2018

A private student hall of residence being created in Wrocław

We have advised one of the pioneers on the market of private student halls of residence in Poland to carry out a project of creating a modern hall of...

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31 October 2018

Cross-border merger

We are happy to inform that today we have finalised the process of cross-border merger. We advised the acquiring company – a Polish company with...

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25 October 2018

Succession management in practice

What are the practical outcomes of introducing succession management? What measurable benefits will entrepreneurs, or rather their legal successors, gain...

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17 October 2018

19 PKO Poznań Maraton

We are proud to inform that our apprentice, Magdalena Mila, finished this year’s PKO Poznań Marathon with a time of 3:57:18. Magda ranked 137th in the...

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9 October 2018

Succession manager will help in planning a succession

Although the institution of a successor manager has been functioning since June 2018, it is still shrouded in mystery for many entrepreneurs. Who can become...

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5 October 2018

We have helped to acquire an investment property

We have helped our client, who runs a property development business, to acquire a part of a tenement house in Poznań together with a permit for...

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3 October 2018

Issuance of corporate bonds of a property development company

Our partner Michał Wojciechowski has worked for a property development and construction company as a legal adviser in the process of issuing corporate...

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24 September 2018

SKODA Poznań Bike Challenge 2018

Last Sunday our partner Jacek Łubecki once again took part in SKODA Poznań Bike Challenge cycling marathon. Starting for the first time in the 120 km race,...

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19 September 2018

Fee for transformation of perpetual usufruct right into ownership title

What is the difference between the new fee for transformation of perpetual usufruct and perpetual usufruct fee? How is the actualisation procedure going to...

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13 September 2018

Handing over a construction site

What can an investor do if he cannot hand over the construction site to the contractor on time? How to minimise the risk of such situations? How to defend...

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5 September 2018

Poznań Business Run 2018

We took part in this year’s Poznań Business Run. Among 702 teams in the relay race, the team representing our office ranked 202nd, with time 1:45:25....

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22 August 2018

The end of perpetual usufruct

On 1 January 2019 perpetual usufruct of land developed for residential purposes will come to an end in Poland and be transformed into ownership. Who will...

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16 July 2018

How to successfully finalise investment projects?

Investment equals risk. Signing a construction contract practically always means that parties assume a specific risk related to the implementation of the...

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13 July 2018

Sale of shares of Fibar Group S.A.

We are pleased to inform that our law firm team led by Przemysław Musioł, attorney at law, represented one of minority shareholders in the process of...

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9 July 2018

SME Ombudsman will uphold interests of entrepreneurs

An Ombudsman for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) will start working later this year. How will the Ombudsman help business owners? On our blog we...

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2 July 2018

Shorter limitation periods became a fact

The Amendment to the Civil Code, which takes effect on 9 July 2018, changes limitation periods for claims and the way they are recognised by the...

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26 June 2018

Draft bill of the Residential Special Act has reached the home stretch

In our latest blog post we summarise the key points of the bill of the so called Residential Special Act. Keep reading on our blog.   Skip to...

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18 June 2018

Authorised representatives can file financial statements to the National Court Register (KRS)

The rules of filing documents to the Repository of Financial Documents and signing them with a qualified electronic signature or signature confirmed by a...

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29 May 2018

We ran 42,195 km

Last Sunday, we participated in the 6th edition of the Ekiden run and we covered a distance equal to the length of the marathon, which is 42,195km. We...

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14 May 2018

Broader powers granted to court-appointed administrators in LLC and JSC

New regulations concerning court-appointed administrators in a limited liability company and joint-stock company entered into force on March 15, 2018. A...

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24 April 2018

We train construction and real estate investors and professionals

We have participated in a two-day workshop entitled: “Risk management in construction projects from an investor perspective” at which our...

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23 April 2018

We improve our communication skills

Communication is still one of the biggest problems in team relations. In fact, team communication directly affects workplace productivity. Hence, last week...

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3 April 2018

Risk management in construction projects from an investor perspective

Join us at the workshop for the real estate development industry entitled: “Risk management in construction projects from an investor...

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13 March 2018

Changes to the Act on the National Court Register

Most of the provisions of the Act of January 26, 2018 Amending the Act on the National Court Register and Certain Other Acts will come into force on March...

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27 February 2018

Risk management in construction projects

How to avoid investment risk in the key stages of implementation of construction investments? How to manage contractors and subcontractors’ claims...

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29 January 2018

Real estate with a body of water and the pre-emptive right of the State Treasury

Under the new Water Law, the State Treasury is entitled to the pre-emptive right of a land covered by standing water. To which lands does this restriction...

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17 January 2018

We helped in the acquisition of investment land in Środa Wielkopolska

We are pleased to inform that in January 2018 we successfully finalised the acquisition of undeveloped land by public tender. The land with an area of 5,3...

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29 December 2017

The State Treasury has to return immovable properties expropriated for failed investments

Has your property been expropriated for a public purpose on the basis of a civil-law agreement? Did the investment fall through? You can apply for the...

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19 December 2017

Honesty and integrity in the negotiation process and compensation for lack thereof

Visit our blog! We continue our blog series ABC of Transactions. In the first post we pointed out that in the letter of intent both sides commit to act...

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5 December 2017

Appeal from increased annual fee for perpetual usufruct

Has your annual fee for perpetual usufruct been increased unexpectedly? There is no need to worry about it just yet. You can effectively protect yourself...

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4 December 2017

Merger of furniture manufacturers

We are pleased to announce that in December 2017 we successfully finalised the merger between two limited liability companies owned by the top furniture...

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13 November 2017

Changes to the Act on the Ownership of Premises

Visit our blog! In our new article we talk about an amendment to the Construction Law, which entered into force on the 11th of September 2017 and restricts...

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30 October 2017

Non-disclosure agreement: How to protect your company’s confidential information

In the latest entry of our blog series ABC of Transactions, we discuss the ways in which you can protect your company’s confidential information...

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19 October 2017

Sale of a logistics terminal near Poznań

We are proud to inform that in October 2017 we successfully completed a transaction regarding developed land plots with a logistics terminal located...

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18 October 2017

Whose title will be encumbered with right-of-way easement?

Visit our blog. In our latest article we answer the following question: Whose land is burdened with an easement by necessity, in a situation in which there...

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6 October 2017

Join us at the Projekt Inwestor Conference

Join us at the Projekt Inwestor Conference that will be held next Tuesday at the Andersia Hotel in Poznań. The Conference is an annual meeting of...

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28 September 2017

Transmission easement on the land of commonhold associations and housing cooperatives

Our attorney at law, Jacek Łubecki (Law Firm's Partner) gave a lecture on legal issues related to the decision-making process during the establishment...

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26 September 2017

Immediate enforceability of an environmental permit, versus a building permit

Why is it important for investors to apply for an immediately enforceable environmental decision and how it relates to obtaining a construction permit?...

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12 September 2017

SKODA Poznań Bike Challenge

On 10th. September our attorney at law Jacek Łubecki stand up for competition in the SKODA Poznan Bike Challenge. Despite of bad weather conditions, he took...

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11 September 2017

Institutional lease agreement - what is it exactly?

The Institutional lease agreement, act on which entered into force on the 11th of September 2017, is to simplify the eviction procedure which is currently...

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4 September 2017

We ran on this year's Poznań Business Run

Congratulations to our relay team for participating in this year's Poznań Business Run. Our team included: Agata Pawlak-Jaszczak, Przemysław Musioł,...

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29 August 2017

Joint and several liability of the investor towards subcontractors

Our attorney at law, Jacek Łubecki discusses the first potential problems with new regulations on investor’s joint and several liability to the...

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22 August 2017

Converting a sole proprietorship to a company

In our latest blog post we present various options for converting a sole proprietorship into a company and focus on comparing their selected legal aspects....

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17 July 2017

We enter a race in the Poznań Business Run

Our team will enter a race in this year's edition of the Poznań Business Run. This year, the number of teams entering the race reached 750. As of...

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6 July 2017

Sign up for our newsletter

A month ago we launched a new website of our Law Firm, offering information about us to potential and existing Clients via the Internet. Now, it is time to...

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4 may 2017

We are looking for people to work with our firm

Do you like commercial law or real estate law, or maybe even both? We are looking for a first year or second year trainee. Send us your CV.

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29 April 2017

Our website

Have a look at our website. We are also available on Facebook and LinkedIn. Starting from today, our regular and potential Clients may get to know more...

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28 April 2017

New Law Firm – experienced and reliable team

We are corporate and real estate lawyers who assist businesses in starting their activities, minimising various risks and making success in their respective...

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