About us

We are corporate and real estate lawyers. Our history as a team began in 2001 in one of the biggest law firms in Poznań. Acting as its partners and heads of departments, for years we have developed, implemented and coordinated various types of projects – frequently quite complex and multi-layered ones, regarding corporate law and real estate law issues. Some of the projects completed by us significantly affected the development of industries or sectors in which our Clients operated.


Since January 2017, operating as Norek & Partners Law Firm, we assist firms in minimising various risks and making success in their respective industries. We know how difficult it is to find a lawyer who understands your business, speaks your language and works for you with the same commitment as you work for your firm. That is why, what we value most in our work is keeping promises and transparent relationships. We make sure you know what you order, what you'll get and how much you'll have to pay. We engage in what we enjoy and what we can do well. We advise not only on how to handle certain issues but also against implementing particular solutions. We assist in making right decisions for the sake of your peace of mind.