Hubert Norek

Attorney at law


The things that I have valued most during my whole professional career is trust and transparent relationships. Without them, it is impossible to practice as a lawyer in a way that gives benefits to Clients and satisfaction to lawyers.


Since 1998, I have participated in several dozen M&A projects. I’ve advised on a number of mergers, divisions and transformations of commercial companies, as well as on transactions of purchase and sale of shares or businesses. Some of them, including – the first in Poland – merger of 7 commercial power plants into Południowy Koncern Energetyczny S.A. or the sale of shares in Poznańska Energetyka Cieplna S.A. on behalf of the City of Poznań, were innovative processes that significantly affected the industries in which the aforementioned companies operated.


I’ve successfully supported Clients in resolving disputes between partners or shareholders, ended with the exclusion and payment of compensation to one of them or with the conclusion of an agreement satisfactory to the both parties.


I’ve participated in a number of real estate projects, assisting in the acquisition or sale of real properties and supporting Clients in the investment process. I am particularly interested in projects involving revitalisation of post-industrial urban areas. The implementation of such projects requires from a lawyer to have knowledge that extends beyond the law and the ability to cooperate with a team of specialists in various fields.


I graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. I am a member of the Poznań Bar Association of Attorneys at Law.


Language: Polish, English


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